A-dae Romero-Briones

A-dae (Kiowa/Cochiti) was born and raised in Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico and comes from the Toyekoyah/Komalty Family from Hog Creek, Oklahoma on the Kiowa side.  Mrs. Romero-Briones works as Director of Programs-Native food and Agricultural Program for First Nations Development Institute and Co-founder/director of the California Tribal Fund.  She is formerly the Director of Community Development for Pulama Lana’i.  She is also the co-founder and former Executive Director of non-profit for Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico.  Mrs. Romero-Briones worked for the University of Arkansas’ Indigenous Food and Agricultural Initiative while she was getting her LLM in Food and Agricultural Law. She wrote extensively about Food Safety, the Produce Safety rule and tribes, and the protection of tribal traditional foods.  A U.S. Fulbright Scholar, Ms. Romero-Briones received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from Princeton University, and received a Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University’s College of Law, and LLM in Food and Agricultural Law from the University of Arkansas. President Obama recognized Adae as a White House Champion of Change in Agriculture. She formerly sat on the National Organic Standards Board (2016-2021).  She currently serves on the Sustainable Ag and Food Systems Funders Policy Committee and co-chair of the Funders for Regenerative Agriculture.  She is a member of the California Foodshed Funders group, a board member at the California Institute for Rural Studies, and Regenerative Organic Certification.